Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lucky 13s - Ork Tellyporta

Ok I am going to try and post the trials and drama of my local game shop and our Lucky 13's apoc campaign. The first scenario requires 5 Ork Tellyportas and we have a terrain day coming up so we can hammer them out as a group but I decided to goof off on one on my own.

I am not the best terrain maker and this was not an attempt to tout my skills (or lack of) but instead to show how quick and easy this could be done.

My friend, Troy, and I spent about 2 hours putting this together, most of that time was spent looking at and drinking beer.

I have about 3 hours into painting this and most of that time was spent eating dinner, watching TV, and talking on the phone. I didn't do anything more than drybrushing and washes and put a couple decals on.

A lot more effort could be put into it to achieve better results but I think this also illustrates that a pretty decent terrain piece can be achieved with very little effort.

Flame on,


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p.s. I just wanted to add, for those that aren't familiar with the Lucky 13s scenario, that the Tellyportas are sent crashing to the planet, housed inside rocks, under cover of a meteor shower.

That's why I attempted to model this as it had crashed on the planet.