Friday, February 8, 2008

F'n Privateer Press

It's well known among Warmachine / Hordes gamers the issues that PP has with their packaging thralls.

Opening up your new blister or box set and discovering that your missing a head or a weapon is not news to us anymore.

Back in November I bought a set of Druids of Orboros that was missing a hand and a Necrotech that was missing his lower body. I also bought a set of Farrow Bone Grinders that I initially thought was missing a bone grinder but turns out I was wrong about what the unit size was supposed to be.

On Dec 1st I emailed to take care off it and I got a very speedy response from PPS_Adam.

No pieces though. After several reminder emails (and several "sorry I forgot, they're on their way" responses) I finally got a package on Jan 22nd. No druid hand in there though.

I sent PPS_Adam another email telling him I got the body but no arm and he replied back, promptly as usual, and said it would be on the way.

16 days later I am still waiting....