Friday, April 19, 2013

Mordheim games 3 and 4

First Game was against humans of unknown origin and I was thoroughly beaten.

We were playing Wyrdstone Hunt and at one point I could have voluntarily routed but my opponent had over extended and I was in a really good position to knock out a few guys, grab some wyrdstones and force a route check on him. If he passed his route check then my plan was to voulntarily route my next turn.

Well the dice went sour on me, much like most of the game, and I didn't manage to do what I had hoped.

He ended up taking out over my half my force but thankfully only one henchman died when we did the post game rolls. One positive aspect of this is that my highborn is now fearless thanks to rolling Hardened

My second game was against undead and we were playing occupy. This game went much better for me and my beastmaster got several zombie kills with his crossbow. I pretty much just avoided his vampire and tried to take over houses.

After 4 games my warband looks like this:

Highborn Tychondrius Bloodrose:
Hardened, Step Aside
Carrying a Dark Elf Blade & Dagger, Repeater XBow, and wearing a helmet.

Fellblade Kalina Bloodrose:
Step Aside, Dodge
Carrying a Jeweled Sword & Sword

Fellblade Linsei Tythir:
Master of Poisons, Step Aside
Carrying a Sword & Dagger

Sorceress Alernass Malvae:
Spells: Doombolt
Carrying a Dagger

Beastmaster Gallievo Kyrrenthia:
+1 BS,  
Carrying a Beastlash & Dagger, Repeater XBow

Corsairs x5:
+1 Leadership, +1 Attack
Carrying Axe & Dagger

I have a Halfling Cookbook and 3 extra repeater xbows as equipment.